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This game is really good but they should add it to pc like they did rules of survival

Love it but I found an annoying glitch

I’m going to keep this short and to the point I love this game I came here from rules of survival I wouldn’t change anything about it but I found a glitch today when I tried to play I tapped start and it said no server selected then I tapped the server selection button and then nothing it won’t do anything it just stares at me so for about two days I have not been able to play. I hope this bug gets fixed i don’t want to have to delete this gem of a game.

I’d like for it to be more but can’t:(

I am trying to add someone and it won’t let me add them by typing in their name at all:(



Amazing boi

Alright I love this game it really captures a good mobile pubg.

Good game with a few issues

When I try to upload a picture as my avatar. It says it failed, so I have to wait a half hour just to try it again and again. Then it goes back to a default avatar. Its not even anything inappropriate, just a selfie.

Need to fix

I don’t know why but everytime i shoot someone is always lag. Second is u need to make the anti-hack more

Help (in app purchase)

Dev website is Chinese. Can’t read. Purchased gas mask and it doesn’t work. Will seek refund from Apple if no resolution.


Rules of survive is better Rules of survive es mejor

Can’t start

I have an iPod Touch 6th gen. and I can’t start the game. My WiFi is perfect (3 bars) but every time I start the game it just stays at 0.00% connected. I just stays at 0% the whole time and never loads.

I Need Help

Dear creators of Knives Out I have been having problems there is a message popping up saying that you can trade duplicate items for coins and more but I can’t figure out how. If you could contact me in Knives Out that would be great my username is DEMO_BO (I couldn’t fit the Y at the end)


Can there just be a way to penalize team kill? Cuz I swear everytime I decide to play squads I’m always getting teamkilled and it’s aggrivating the hell out of me

Worst gAme

Worst game ever like I about to get a gun and some good armor and then I teloperyed to the other side of the map.


It’d be great if the masks I paid 3bucks for would actually word 😂


Great game way better than rules of survival I couldn’t stop playing great game mind blown 🤯🤯🤯

Gay copy of Pubg

I’d usually b playing pubg on pc but I don’t have my computer rn so I tired this and it’s laggy af, small un-detailed maps and really just a complete copy of pubg. Do gotta give credit tho for whoever actually tried in making this game

good game

the game is very great with a modern battle royale than the colorful rules of survival but i would like to see some content and to complain a bug, i would like to see vaulting on more things like objects and threw windows, and i would want to see a rank system since i get match with noobies when i am level 14, and there are some vaulting bugs, when you vault you go the opposite direction than the way you want to go and your head can peak threw walls when prone, the game is great and fun to play with friends and siblings, i wish to see more content and keep improving the game 🙂


Me and my friend have been playing this game nonstop for like 2 months or so and we love it 🙂 when ever I am on the phone with him he is always talking to someone on his team long story short we love it

Great alone

From all the pubg resemblance this is the best but only if you play alone. Me and my friends tried for a while to connect but it always said their name was not found. Great game but my business is lost. Don’t offer to group with friends if it is a lie even by your contact # it was unreachable

Best game ever

This is the best game ever especially when it comes to survival

So happy now that they have...


Please optimize for iPhone 6

This game lags too much for the iPhone 6, please fix


Just a PUBG clone


等腾讯出了手游 看你不倒闭?气死我了 整天他妈出衣服 时装秀?你咋不修复卡顿问题啊?亏我还在美国一玩小队模式和五人模式60秒50秒都在卡屏 我玩你妈的B!这就是为什么你比不上腾讯 卡尼玛了个傻逼,傻逼游戏整天出时装?他妈走秀游戏?你他妈有时间坑钱咋不去优化机型问题呢?狗儿子舔你儿子的B

great game just needs a few fixes here and there

especially need to fix death replays and the parachuting(skydiving not so much just you gain like zero distance after you open the chute). a good majority of hackers go unnoticed and a better death replay system would help better the verification of those people.

First person??

This game is amazing I play this everyday won 1 solo and... ok that’s actually it. The game is competitive and one of the best iOS games I have played in a long time but I always find third person to be very different can a first person mode be implemented into the game I’m sure a lot of other players would also want that feature. Otherwise keep up the amazing work!!!


Still only have 1 server😡😡

Apex game

This game is an example of developers that take mobile gaming seriously. It offers p.c. Quality visuals, mic communication, 3D Touch compatibility, skill based gameplay, and buyable content is purely visual customization candy/clothing etc. They frequently update the game, allow in game updates if you’re not on WiFi, and also listen to communications when you email them. These are real developers, not the garbage most people put out, but an actual game creator. My only complaint is I wish the game had Bluetooth controller support, that way I could use my wireless Bluetooth led projector. 50 inch screen from something the size of a coke can. This is the future. If more developers would follow Knives out’s example, consoles and handhelds would be phased out. This game is the proof. You have awesome games like Binding of Issac, Knives out, Tallowmere, and Deathroad to Canada. We just need people to follow the above examples. Knives out is a real game, made by real developers. Games like war robots should be ashamed of themselves for making pay to win games, and not creating games for actual gamers as an example. Knives out however, is a shining example of a good game, made by actual developers. 10/10 easy! This is the future!

Great game but one question...

The game is absolutely phenomenal but are you capable of playing cross platform between IOS and Android?


My server is maintenance and I cannot play it and in the settings you should put that you can move the button of the screen and you should put 4wheeler in the game and also you should put that you can customize the colors of the clothes with money. And you should put more weapons like a bat or a knife and you can customize or craft a bat with nails thanks for making this game I told my friends and they all the game and the upgrades that we talk about in knives out. “Oh and make the teams more like 8 people play with us”. I’ll add more to it you should put c4 mini cars😁

So Laggy

Lags way to much!

One of my favorite games until....

This might be one of those games that was perfect but then ruined by the developers trying to make them better. In yesterdays update, I lost all my stats and then couldn’t reconnect with any of my friends.. who are also my friends in real life and we use this to stay connected. Outside of that, the game is great.

Add first person plzz

I wish this had first person like pubg

Different playable maps

I would like to see different types of terrain like the sandy hills in some deserts or the jungle. I think it would really help this fame go above and beyond the other games like this one.

Fix. The. Lag!

I really do enjoy the game. But the lag is terrible. During most critical moments: opening map/pack, parachuting, shooting. All coincidentally tend to lead to my death. Fix it. It’s been getting worse with more updates. I can’t play half the game and have unfair disadvantages that make me not want to play at all. Otherwise, the game is fun up to those points.

It’s good

I was fine with the pubg rip-off but by stealing the drone idea from rainbow six siege is too far for me

Great Game but needs changes

Needs more pistols,Mauser needs a buff. Also the gondola needs to be a structure! I was laying down and got shot through it! It was was so dumb!!!!

Great game! Underrated.

I tried this game out after playing rules of survival and found out that I loved this game way more. There are a few problems I’m seeing though: when you switch weapons while being aimed in, the scope will not leave the screen unless you switch BACK to the weapon that caused the glitch and you have to scope in to undo it. Another problem is when you hop out of a vehicle and it starts to roll and it shows on your map that a moving vehicle is nearby. It messes with me too much and has become a problem. If that cannot be fixed then there should be a parking brake or something so vehicles without people in them will not show up on the mini map. I’m central city there is a basketball court that people can go prone in and look invisible. Because i am a fair player, i believe this should be patched. With the new update that just came out, there has been a problem with vaulting over walls where it will do the animation but only push me back to where i started. Sometimes the audio goes out during gameplay, which is very annoying. ONE last thing, the roads are a bit raised from the actual ground so when you are in a vehicle the roads acts as a barrier when hitting it from the side, resulting in injury. That’s all I have to say. Other than that, AMAZING game. Keep up the good work!

Love the game but needs more

Needs more guns and needs at least one more map would love to see more clothes but overall love the game

The 1.8 update

With the 1.8 update the game went under maintenance making the game unavailable to play so after the update was applied I got on and all I see is me default character and having to make a new username even though I had a character made not to long ago with the tuxedo outfit on and level 10 so I think they need to fix this because I believe all players are going to report this “glitch” or “bug” and a lot of players will stop playing this game. So to the people who are reading this message or the developers I suggest you fix this or give away any 1 free outfit I’m not trying to threaten you I’m just complaining that I lost all my progress and items AFTER the update was applied.

Open this please

Ok so i waited for the maintenance to be finished and it logged me out and it refuses to log me back in.

Just some improvements and suggestions!

A friend recommended this game to me and i absolutely love it!! Truly I can’t stop playing it, but i do have a few suggestions. My first suggestion is new maps. I understand the map we have is fairly big but it gets boring over time, I would suggest bringing up new ones. Another suggestions I have is to change the time of day through the day. It’ll be cool to play through the evening and night time on the game and to make it easier to see through the night you can make night vision goggles an item you can find through out the game . I really hope you will consider these ideas through the game !!

I want English writing !

I can’t read it put it in English


Hi I just came back to play this game and it’s awesome, just like PUBG. Can you put weapons in the lobby like real PUBG has. thanks

Great game!

I’ve had loads of fun on Knives Out and personally it is my favorite of all Battle Royale games on the App Store.

Incredible, but...

When you aim down the sights of any attached scope, whether it be a red dot or 8x, if you switch weapons whilst looking down sights the sights get locked onto your screen and it’s very irritating and has cost me and many others match wins. Please read this and fix this small bug.


i love your game. but the red zones are pointless, and you should make it more clear which server to use. i played for a week on the wrong server with a horrible ping.


This game is spot on! My friends and I have such a great time playing this game together! But we should have the option of changing the size of the shoot and move buttons. Otherwise this game is great! Best mobile game I’ve ever played!

Pretty great

Its a good game. Matches usually last 25 minutes so its a good way to pass the time if you have nothing better to do. I think it would be really cool if they had inclement weather that was off and on during the game like thunderstorms, and rain, and even the addition of night time would be awesome and would really emphasize the importance of finding flash hiders. Bullet drop would be awesome too. It would be really cool to have to adjust your elevation according to how far away you are to adjust for the bullet drop for ranged engagements...but thats my two cents

Gay af

This game is so trash you should fix your mental game you Chinese freaks

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