Knives Out App Reviews

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Needs better graphics

This game is awesome. I have played this game for a year.when I update it the only thing that never improves is the graphics.why who knows, but can you please get better graphics.



Ok, but...

It’s Scuffed Fortnite,

12+ battle royale

Dear people at Net Ease, I played knives out until an update came out making the games rating 17+. I have restrictions on my device that don’t allow me to play 17+ games (darn parents) and I was wondering if you could make a 12+ rated battle royale game thats more cartoon like (such as fortnite and creative destruction). It would allow more people to play battle royale games as some kids look to play but are on devices that are not combatable with fortnite and can’t play mature games. Anyway just a request... This game was great until I couldn’t play it anymore. If you would be interested in making a 12+ rated battle royale game please let me know as I will be on the lookout for it. ~ Thanks

Age ratings

I love this game but I can’t play when it’s could you please turn it to 12+ pretty please

This might happen to some people

When you are online your friend calls you to play with them and they tell you that they’re online but in your friends list it appears that you friend is offline but sometimes it appears that your friend is online but when you invite them it doesn’t work so that they could join the match.

Love it but..

The latest update has me not being able to play with friends or accept any form of request!!

Update problems

There was an app update and game update today which has led to nothing but issues. Can’t spectate people that are my friends or crew. Can’t invite friends or be invited by friends to play duo. Was playing right before the update and everything was fine... but right after....everything’s a mess. Hope the knives out team can fix it quick cause there’s too many issues every time there’s an update.

Fix it

After the new update nobody can invite their friends. It shows them in games for a hour wether they are playing or not. If you close the app and come back it still does it. Fix it. Because there are allot of people in group chat about to delete this game. 50 already have.



Make it 12+

Plz make it 12+ because it’s not really an adult game, lol make it 12+ so that people can actually enjoy the game, or I will just play fortnite lol

This is messed

over time this game did many update for glitch fix and now this I was playing solo and two people left heart beating then look what it said the server got dissconnected really after all that effort and time it glitch and this happened so much I made my wifi stronger but still happened. dont just do emote update thats copying fortnite and other UNNEEDED update do more bug fix just like how FORTNITE AND ROBLOX do ps. sorry for the capital Im just freaking mad about this

Knives out

This game is super fun it better than fornite and any game like this.


All of your battle royal games are the same it’s a ripoff of a ripoff of pubg mobile pubg fortnite mobile and fortnite At least put some building In there

Meh can’t even download it I have age restrictions.

I can’t even download I was like WHAT I could download it like 3 month ago but I can’t now! I am really frustrated because my acc is really good and been playing when it was 7 moth now. But for some reason it turned to 17+ I was so mad I wanted to die Developers plz can u change it. If u are reading this the game is really good I love it. And thank u.


Second time I can’t play make it 12+ again plz


Let us customize are controls


Hey Netease i love your games the 4 best battle games are Fortnite Pubg rules of survival and knives out and plz plz plz keep knives out on 12+ not 17+ PLZ


The game is really fun, it is definitely a ton better than its competitors!! PUBG is way too easy and Rules of Survival isn’t as good either. Knives Out is 110% better than all the other games of its kind. There are a couple things that could be improved, when using the lean and shoot feature scoped in and behind cover, it would help if when you went behind the cover and popped back out that it would automatically scope back in, instead of having to manually scope in again. Otherwise this game is really fun!!

There no customization for my character

I’m a light skinned and I have is the color white I’m not white I just want to have Mike your derby light-skinned I love this game so much the graphics are so amazing but can you please make it a way where I can change my skin color

Fix your game

Fix your game

Make it to 12+

I do not think it is fair for the other people who have age restrictions because it’s 17+ and what if they can not change it me and other people can play it it use to be 12+ but I guess the developer wanted people to really like the game so people can think it’s like Pupg but truly stupid it’s getting on my nerves can you fix it developer please!!!


The age of the game is 17+ and I love playing but have age restrictions on my phone because parents even throw in 13 so please fix

More weapons

Please please please bring in a bow n arrow flamethrower and a mini gun this would greatly improve the game and would be biggest update yet


You liars


Ese logo de la camisa de las magan es el logo que usan los solados de elite en attack on titan

El unico juego en mi telefono

El único juego que tengo en mi tlf vale la pena ocupar esos gb en el tlf! Jugé battleground y sus graphicos no se comparan con los de este juego rules of survive y lo mismo aunque sean del mismo desarrollador! Sigan asi knives out aunque algo negativo fue al momento de querer comprar un vehiculo, si pagas por querer tenerlo la.compañia deberia darte esa potestad de tenerlo no tirarlo al azar...

Can pls add this

I like this game by far and I’m not lying I am asking if y’all at net ease can put this in the game. So would it be possible to have like a 3D style marker where the player does not have to look on the map for the marker but can see it on the playing field. There should also be an option to turn it off and on. This last asking is just something I and some other people want but we don’t need I would like if it is possible to add RPG‘ S. This should only be found in airdrops and the ammo in airdrops or scattered around. Thank u net ease for bringing this awesome game and hope to see if my ideas may be implemented.

Awesome game!!!

I love this game so much it’s so easy to get wins and kills I probably think it’s better than Fortnite but there’s one problem I have a school iPad and we are only allowed to play 12+ games so it would be really awesome if you kept it 12+


轰隆隆,加油哦! 网易这款游戏很好玩啊 和朋友玩的时候大家都很开心


I truly loved this game when it came out, I was glad that it was one of the first battle royale games at the time. I spent money and after an update, i tried to get back into my account and it wouldn’t let me. I spent money and now it’s gone because I couldn’t log in. Instead it just put me in a new reset account which is defiantly not what I wanted. The game is fun and it’s been fun but I stopped playing for months when my account was unable for me to log in.



Can’t play

Make the age rating back to 12+ more people will play it

Nice game but with a glitch

Might be one of my most favorite games but theres a weird glitch that keeps happening to me, basically this glitch teleports me back to where i first walked please fix this


I hate it

Update Glitches

Every-time I update this game it finishes and then turns black and says installing for about 20 mins and after that it says it can’t be downloaded and I try again and same thing happens somehow it only does this to me and in order to update it I have to redownload it. I hope you Developers fix this


My mom is strict and won’t let me play 17+ games so now I cannot play any Battle Royale! Plz make 12+ again do I can play!😭

No customization

Let me choose my skin color, not everyone in the world is white 🙄

takes a long time to download

when i download this it doesn’t let me play it

Bomb battle royal 👑

This battle royal all game mode no copy wow best graphics HD MAP 🗺 NEW MAP SO SO HD GRAPHICS 👌🏿

I ❤️ this game

This game is awesome but I still think that Fortnite is still better and could u add a gun called thermal scooped scar plz plz that would be the best

Just awful

Like all of this developers games are the same. Try to be more original please.

Can u help me plz

I played this game for like 5 or 6 month and in july 24 2018 I updated this game and the game was not even there anymore I was freaked out by this so I looked at App Store and I opened knives out but it kicked me out and I reset and erase my iPad and saw I could not download it no more. All 17+ game I try to download didn’t work just like knives out plz make it back to 12+ it been 3 days and I Cannot live without knives out so plz NETease help me.

Make it 12+

Probably the best battle royale game on the App Store. The only problem is that i uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall it because it crashed, but the age rating was changed to 17+ and my device has age restrictions so now I can’t play it. Please change it back to 12+ so I can play it again. Thanks.

Bull crap

I have counted 14 different ripoff games from this franchise and I honestly have to say that I am beyond disappointed netease you ruin any game you can get your hands on



Amazing game

I love this game, it is the best game I’ve ever played on mobile. The only thing that I wish could be added is if your friends are playing, it sends you a notification.


I love this game a lot, even spent money into the game, and it is my favorite game on my iPad. I can only have 12+ games though, and was devastated when I found out you developers changed the age rating I was so mad!!! Please change it back to 12+, you’ll make so much more money. A ton of your users are young anyway. Not 17+, so please please change it back.Thank you.

Is a cool game because you get to play with and speak with people and team up

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It’s a fun game but it just takes way to long to load and that there are multiple load stages. It’s irritating.

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