Knives Out App Reviews

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Crashes every time

I've got a iPhone 5s and every time i jump from the plane it crashes and keeps on going for the rest of the game:(

Fun but scams

The game is fun, but they scam you with buying clothing because you have to waste your money to have decent clothing.

အရမ္းေကာင္းတဲ့ ဂိမ္း

ျမန္မာ ေတြ သေဘာက်တဲ့ ဂိမ္း

School Restrictions

Please. This game is the best game ever. I love it. I have clocked 196 hours on this game and then the developers updated it and not I can’t play it since it is 17 and up. If you guys can figure out a way to make this game 12 and up, I will raise my review and continue buying your in app purchases.

A Suggest game mode

The game Modes are cool as well with the new map Update. But it would be amazing if they developers added a zombie apocalypse mode because fighting online players kinda gets old. But with the this mode it would be better than ever a real fight for survival.


This game is amazing exceptional that it’s +17. Could you please change it back to +12. I have cancer and it’s my dying wish to be able to have Knives Out back onto my iPad so I can play with my best friend. Knives Out takes up way too much space on my phone. It only has 8 gb. So, please, please, PLEASE change it back to +12 or make it smaller. Please.


Game is great will tell friends to download

Bad Frames

When I first got this game the frames were fine with high frame rate mode but when they updated now it’s really laggy

new update ruined everything

AMAZING game but the new update ruined it because it deleted the app and i cant get it back pls fix this bug pls.


I loved this game so much, I played it with my friends and we had so much fun with it, but my device is restricted 12+ so I can’t play it, please change it back, this is my favorite game

The game became very silly, the old system is nicer and better

The game became very silly, the old system is nicer and better

Some suggestions :)

THE GOOD I have zero lag problems, weapons are legit, communication’s are crystal clear, cool looking outfits, fair challenges, gems aren’t so freaking hard to get, and the list goes on. THE BAD Almost everything you write to your friends has a “Sensitive word.” Please fix this. For example, “Master,” is a sensitive word. Like, seriously? AND THE SUGGESTIONS Underwater movements really aren’t that realistic, please fix for a more immersive battle experience. More gadgets would be awesome. THE BEST GAME EVER :D

Best game ever but needs improvements

I love the game a lot but in my opinion the toxic gas zone moves way way too fast!!!!

Change it back.

The new update is Horrible. It looks like a spitting image of PUBG, which is horrible. Just change it back. It was fine the way it was before.

New update

I’ve played the game for a long while and I love it. I was excited for this new update, but when I updated it, the app change to 17+, and now I’m unable to play. Please change it back to 12+ developers so I can enjoy this game again!


This games super fun and the graphics got so much better lol. I like that you can change the crosshair shapes, thats dope. Can you add like differemt colored crosshairs like turqoise green or yellow? It would make it really nice and easier to see when aiming far away. I play on the standard settings on my phone

Terrible update

This “survival” game was easily the best on the App Store before their recent update. Since then, nothing is quite right. Players lag so much it’s often impossible to kill them. It takes 3 sniper rounds to a downed target to eliminate them. Just an all around bad update. Download any other of the several options for better gameplay.

I can’t get on

I can’t get on after the new update, and it’s making me mad

Not good enough

Guys be real FORTNITE is WAYY better this is pretty good but rarely anything beats fortnite cause I’ve never seen anything better then fortnite or even AS GOOD AS FORTNITE

PUT IT BACK TO 13+ (penalty)


How knives out isn’t the best game

The game is lagging or glitching and is bad so fix it because I try to play it and it lags or glitches and I get killed so fix it please

Why did you do this

Whene the game was 12+ I had fun playing the game but why did you change it to 17+ please switch it back for me. I am restricted from 17+ games lease for me.

Character problem

My characters makeup doesn’t match up with the whole body causing my immersion to drop it. I don’t know if it’s just me so plz fix if u want I’ll send a screenshot

I love this game but the new update won’t install

This game is awesome but I have tried to update the game and I just won’t install I have reseted the game many times and when I try to switch to the new map it keeps telling me that it needs an update. Other than that I love this game

Wonderful game best on iPad

Great game one of the best iPad games even my friends play this game but since you changed it to 17 + our iPads will no longer let us play and we put so much effort into it so pls change it to something lower pls we would really like it and I am speaking for all the people who have age +12restrictions on their iPads that can’t be disabled I am not twelve years old nor thirteen either or ten either but pls change it

It deleted its self

I’m updating it like a normal person would but the App Store said “ Sorry but knives out is unable to update” And I’m like what the heck and now I went to update it again but I noticed the game wasn’t there anymore so I’m pretty mad because what’s the point of updating it if I can’t get the game back.

Age rated to high

I loved this app when it was 12+ because I could actually play the game, now I can’t because it’s 17+. Please rate the age back down.


El juego esta muy animado se deberia aser mas real esta muy colorido demasiado animado

Very addictive

Great game. U wack if u dont have it


Please turn the game back into a 12+ game because it was the only game I could play I am begging you pls turn it back

Age restrictions

PLSSS change the age back to 12+. That way others get to play the game. I love this game, but on a school iPad 17+ games are restricted. Plsss

Great game, but.......

Wish you hadn’t pushed up the rating to 17+ in the most recent update. I would have given it more stars and a better review, but now I can’t play it because of the restrictions.

Why did the rating change

Why did the game go from teen to M?


I love this game so plz make 12+ plz plz 😭


Make it 12+ please this was the last 12+ game


It is fun


I love this game compare this to fortnite or pubg this is way better. I give this a five star u would totally download this game NOW!!! I play this non stop!


The new update is horrible and the game lags way to much now need to go back to the original version

This is a great game! But...

I absolutely adore the game. It’s honestly my favorite game. My only problem is with its latest update, it changed to 17+... This means with my school iPad I can no longer play it. If you would change it back, then I would bring it back up to a 5 star rating! I REALLY wanna see the new map and stuff, but I can’t... please change this!

Love it

This game is so fun I play a lot and it never gets boring every game is new and different then the last one new weapons new armor and news players. I am only rating it 4 because it is a little slow but I like it a lot highly recommended

Please fix

Please change the age limit back. I have a school iPad and I can’t play since it’s 17+


I’m sorry about my last review, I was just really bummed. But yeah. I can’t play Rules of Survival and any other battle Royale game because they are all rated 17+ which is why I enjoyed playing this game so much cause it was only 12+ but now that you guys changed it I can’t enjoy it. And I can’t play Fortnite cause my phone is not compatible with it. And I don’t have any consoles so this is the only way I can play games like this, I have recommended this game to several friends and most of them have downloaded it because of how highly I talked about it. But now I can’t play with them because of this update. I was super pumped about the new map and stuff like that, but please PLEASE change it back to 12+. But as far as the game itself goes, you got 5 stars from me! 👍🏻


Tried to download new map but, it completed deleted the whole game off of the iPad. Can’t download again either

Great Game💯🔥🤘🏽

Underrated Game

Please fix these Major bugs!!

With the new update, there are some pretty major bugs (or glitches) that have come with it. Obviously, you can’t have something amazing without a few imperfections of course, but these bugs are a little more than an “imperfection”. I was driving a snow mobile by the castle during a round and then everything stopped. Then my character was standing and it had the icons as if I was driving. I could move my character around slowly but nothing else. The snow mobile was nowhere to be found. There’s a few other major bugs I have encountered but I’d rather make this as short as possible. So, anyways, please fix these bugs! This is an awesome game, so if these are fixed, it will be the best battle royal out there. (Also I recorded the glitches.)

bad scopes

please change the scopes view to the last version the new update it’s awful in showing hostiles in scopes

Age rating ruined the game

Knives out is a great game with realistic graphics. I got 4 dubs, but when the new map came out it went from 12+ to 17+ which is games I can’t play I have restrictions on my phone so I can’t play. I was really annoyed the creators of knives out basically just ruined the chance to play knives out for people who can’t play Pubg or rules. So unless they change the age rating I give 1 star

Knives Out 17+

Great game but its now 17+ so the school blocked the game. Please make it for under 17 again.

Highly Addictive

I’ve been playing for a few months. This game can be very exciting at times. It’s fun pitting yourself against others who are unseen but could be a step away, around the next corner. It’s had a glitch or two but they seem to have addressed them. I like that they continue to upgrade the game and add new features and controls. Just hope the servers can handle it without any lag. I’m looking forward to the new update I’m loading now. Great Game. Happy Hunting


Need ninja costum or superhero like spiderman.. need building like walmart. N some water fall

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