Knives Out App Reviews

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Bad to download

The game is good but is super complicated to download, it takes to much time

Not 17+

Why the other one is 17+ why this one if anything change the other one and the servers need to more user friendly because it’s had to use and it glitches a lot for me

I’m sad 😢

This game is a grate game but for some reason my game crashed and my account got lost and I can’t get to it and I made a good amount of friends and progress on that account the game play it self is good but the accounts aren’t 😢

Make it 12+

CHANGE IT TO 12+, NOT 17+. ITS SO STUPID JUST CHANGE IT TO 12+, AND YOU WILL MAKE ALOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY. INCLUDING ME, I HAVE SPENT AT LEAST OVER 300 DOLLARS ON KNIVES OUT, and y’all make it pointless to have the game Just change it pleaseeeeses

Help me

I used to love knives out but now they changed the ratings so I can’t get it plz change the ratings back down to 12+

The best battle Royale game

I consider it as one of the best battle Royale apps in the iOS, it’s really impressive. Thanks to the developer for their efforts.


It has to be 17+ Before it woesnt I cat get 17 in up games so I don’t have it anymore please make it 12+ again!!! Pls!!


I have tried to download this app countless times on my iPhone but it takes an hour to load. This app also crashes on numerous occasions.

worst game duplicate of Pubg

worst game, worst

Fix the age rating plz

I Use too play this game all the time and I loved it and then u guys changed the age rating and I can’t play it anymore plz fix the age rating

Horrible game

I hate this game it isn’t fair and it won’t let me control my character. It’s glitchy and I don’t support that.🖕🏼

good but..

really wish there wasn’t any anime in it

This game doo doo

Why tha flip is the age restriction 17+ now I can’t play it


I lost mi account I need help please I want play this game again but I need mi account back please help me

Net ease

Why would you coy PUBG?



Don’t do it

Don’t get this game there’s a lot of Drama with SAV,TE and everyone else and people getting exposed aka USA

Great game but.....

I love this game but the only reason why I gave it a four star is because it wastes a bit to much storage. Please fix it and there is also one more issue I’d like to talk about: U CAN DIE RIGHT AFTER U LAND AT THE SOCCER FIELD if u don’t add a invincibility period by 2020 then I will delete the app

It’s a lot hackers in this game

I been playing this game since last year and they stared hacking the game already it’s not good any more

Please read

This is a good game but the rating is off. 17+? I played the game before when the rating was 12+ and I had age restrictions on at the time and still do but now the app is now 17* and I watched my friend play it the other day and it looked EXACTLY the same Just please do something about the rating because Fortnite controls are bad and there is no other good 12+ battle royale so just please do something about the rating thank you for listening 😁


I had it before but deleted it because you needed clothes but now I want it again but it’s 17+ so my dad said I can’t get it again

Can’t get old account back

Can't get old account need help I bought a lot on it so please help!Thank you if you can but is a great game

Very Overrated Battle Royale Game

The quality is very low and it’s very hard to come across enemies. It gets very boring after a while as well. I wish you guys would make a better BR game.


Change the age back to 12 and older!

More fun

Add a helicopter and battle tanks



Lack of updates

About 4-5 months ago the devs literally stopped updating the game most likely because they where trying to milk money off a game that runs poorly and is pretty much only popular just because it came first and copied

battle royal 10/10 please feedback FPS FPP

Love this battle royal only need on battle royal on FPS FPP NEW SO SICK YOU CAN SEE BODY DOWN CAMERA AND SEE BODY SKINS

It’s ok

The game is ok but the game lags I like it it’s like pubg but I hate the try Harders so I mostly snipe I waseted about ten grand for a doge god I love it well yea but it’s ok I like how you can inv other people buuuut I hate how there’s Chinese or japinees people all I hear is Ching Chong Ching Chong so I’m here like what are you saying?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thanks for the game.

For the people who made the game I would like for you to make a hide and seek mode for the game please and thank you also for that mode you would need a new map

Change age rating to twelve

Dear Netease games please lower the age to twelve because I have an iPod that has age restrictions on it and I love knives out if you make the age rating to twelve and I’ll rate 5 stars

This game trash

I was in the circle I didn’t here any gunshots and I just died out of nowhere this game is trash like fix ur game fam

Fix ur game

I love the game and play it all day and spend money on it a lot but your game has so much wrong with it a lot of people have been saying there going to quit if u wouldn’t like to lose more players than you have fix ur game. This is what happened to all my acounts

Good game, 1 problem.

This game is a great game for iOS. A lot of my friends and I, however, cannot play t because we are not able to get it due to strict parents. Could we get a blood and gore off function so the game can be 12+? I feel like you’d get a lot more players this way.

My stuff is gone!?

So I was going on the game and then I saw that my stuff was gone😢

Don’t play

Trash remake of PUBG don’t waste you time


Plz make 12+😭😭😭

Used to be good

When this first came out my friends and I got it because we were excited for PUBG but with many new updates there became too many outfits and too many types or Currency and the addition off all these things made the game super laggy and almost unplayable


I played for 2 years

It’s okay

It’s a really good game but it’s really easy to lose your account I signed into Facebook to bind my account and the app was glitching so I deleted it and when I downloaded it back it asked me to make a new account I tried to log into it with Facebook but I couldn’t so I lost about 50-60$

Knifes out

Hi I’m oldredkiller for some reason it’s not letting me in an there is no maintenance today August 24

Fix my account

I don’t know why but I can’t get in the game to play I don’t know if I got banned I’ve never used any cheats or hack in this game plz fix my account so I can get back in the game my user name is XxxsteviexxX.

Best game ever

This is may, the best game of shooting out there, I just freaking love playing this game with my friends, so much fun and a lot of gun shoots 😂

no guns

you can never find guns in this game i bought the m16 and i been playing for months and i could never find it

Needs better graphics

This game is awesome. I have played this game for a year.when I update it the only thing that never improves is the graphics.why who knows, but can you please get better graphics.



Ok, but...

It’s Scuffed Fortnite,

12+ battle royale

Dear people at Net Ease, I played knives out until an update came out making the games rating 17+. I have restrictions on my device that don’t allow me to play 17+ games (darn parents) and I was wondering if you could make a 12+ rated battle royale game thats more cartoon like (such as fortnite and creative destruction). It would allow more people to play battle royale games as some kids look to play but are on devices that are not combatable with fortnite and can’t play mature games. Anyway just a request... This game was great until I couldn’t play it anymore. If you would be interested in making a 12+ rated battle royale game please let me know as I will be on the lookout for it. ~ Thanks

Age ratings

I love this game but I can’t play when it’s could you please turn it to 12+ pretty please

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